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Public Opinion Poll (POP) Survey on the Impact of Decriminalization on the General Public

  1. PI: Dr. Jürgen Rehm, Institute of Mental Health Policy Research, CAMH, ON and Ontario CRISM Node Team (OCRINT)

    Working Group: TBD

    To evaluate the impact of decriminalization on the public, we plan to conduct a repeated cross-sectional representative public opinion polling (POP) survey with approximately 1,500 participants. The POP survey will be conducted through collaboration with a commercial public opinion research company. To assess changes over time pre- and post-decriminalization we will compare our results using appropriate statistical analyses to extant baseline measures of population polling data on public perceptions of decriminalization which have been published publicly (e.g., Leger, IPSOS, Angus Reid Institution). Similar to the baseline measures examined, the survey will examine the following data indicators:

    • Public awareness of decriminalization and its role in reducing harms

    • Public perceptions and support for decriminalization

    • Perceptions of public safety and drug related criminality

    • Public understanding of substance use as a public health issue

    • Public stigma towards PWUD