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What is CRISM?

Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Matters (CRISM) is a national network of researchers, service providers, policymakers and people with lived experience of substance use. CRISM's overall objective is to translate evidence-based interventions for substance use into clinical practice, community-based prevention, harm reduction, and health system changes. Our intent is to support the creation of more effective, personal, and adoptable intervention programs and services.

Substance use disorders are pressing and complex health issues. In order to be effective, interventions require evidence-based approaches, an understanding of the biological, psychosocial, and social factors, and acknowledgment of the important impact of cultural, societal, and policy contexts. Many intervention modalities exist and are known to have excellent results, yet they have not been widely implemented.

To address these translation and implementation gaps, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), through its Institute for Neurosciences, Mental Health, and Addiction (INMHA), developed the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Matters (CRISM). CRISM was designed to facilitate communication and collaboration across the pillars of addiction service providers, researchers, policymakers, patients, and people who use substances.  CRISM is a network that consists of five regional teams (referred to as Nodes), located in BCthe PrairiesOntarioQuébec and the Atlantic regions.


CRISM Objectives

  • Identify and/or develop the most appropriate clinical and community-based interventions for substance use disorders
  • Provide evidence to support the enhancement of prevention and treatment services regarding substance use to decision-makers and service providers
  • Support improvement in the quality of care and quality of life for Canadians living with substance use

CRISM's other four nodes across the country are:

CRISM - British ColumbiaCRISM - The Prairiescrism-atlantic-logo-short-en.png

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