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Demonstration Projects

As part of OCRINT's mandate to conduct research towards building the evidence base for the improvement of substance use programs and systems, OCRINT has undertaken and led a number of community-based 'demonstration projects'. Demonstration projects are typically small-scale or 'pilot' studies with limited funding that aim to build research relationships with communities and organizations, and to examine the effects of community-based research projects in a 'real world' scenario or situation. These studies can ideally lead to large-scale adoption of evidence-based interventions, with the overall goal of improving the delivery and effectiveness of substance use services. To this end, in 2019, OCRINT initiated a Community Competition Grant, where Ontario-based community organizations could apply for internal OCRINT funding to support community-based research projects focused on substance use. A total of 6 OCRINT-led projects were awarded. In 2023, OCRINT initiated another Community Competition Grant, where three projected were awarded. 

Community Competition Grant Awarded Demonstration Projects: 

Demonstration Projects logo

In addition to the community competition grant, OCRINT also teamed up with Sir Wilfred Laurier University, and Unity Health, to conduct the following two demonstration projects: 

The OCRINT team has also undertaken a number of internal demonstration projects, which are listed below.