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Integrated Relapse Prevention Treatment Pathway for Women with Alcohol Misuse Integrated Anti-Craving Medications Plus Counselling for Women in Community Substance Misuse Services

PI and project team: Yoon, R., Furlong, A., Coombs, M., Bloomenfeld, J., & Dave, S.

Women with substance use disorder (SUD) face significant stigma and barriers in accessing anti-craving medications such as Naltrexone and Acamprosate. Currently access to anti-craving medications from a health care provider is not commonly available to women in community based substance misuse treatment programs in Ontario. Therefore, this pilot project, delivered by nurse practitioners, fills the important service gap in gender-responsive and trauma-informed substance misuse and primary health care for women. The goal of the program is to support long-term recovery for adult women with SUD by integrating access to anti-craving medications with access to counselling delivered through the Jean Tweed Centre from across the province. An evaluation component will measure the impacts of the service on specific indicators of recovery, client’s perceptions of the service, and barriers and enablers to successful implementation. This project will share and translate knowledge and evidence related to interventions for substance misuse towards improved programs and systems in the province for women with SUD. It will also enhance collaboration and communication between researchers, service providers, policy makers, and those with lived experience.

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