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Knowledge Translation, Publications, & Reports

For each study and point of analysis, we plan to develop a range of relevant KT materials including semi-annual progress reports and presentations for the funder (CIHR) and relevant stakeholders, public-facing reports, infographics, and webinars, conference presentations, and academic peer-reviewed manuscripts. We will also conduct an overall 5-year integrated report and academic manuscript outlining the key findings of the decriminalization evaluation. For all KT materials and outputs, we will work closely with our CRISM network and collaborators to disseminate findings and policy implications.

Research Snapshots


Study findings highlight problems with British Columbia’s 2.5-gram decriminalization threshold for illegal drugs Ali, F., Russell, C., Greer, A., Bonn, M.,.Werb, D., & Rehm, J.

Publications and Reports


“2.5 g, I could do that before noon”: a qualitative study on people who use drugs’ perspectives on the impacts of British Columbia’s decriminalization of illegal drugs threshold limit Ali, F., Russell, C., Greer, A.,Bonn, M.,.Werb, D., & Rehm, J.

Progress Report Summaries


Operating Grant: Evaluation of the British Columbia Exemption to Allow for Personal Possession of Small Amounts of Illegal Drugs


What we heard: Evaluation of the British Columbia Exemption to Allow for Personal Possession of Small Amounts of Illegal Drugs: Semi-annual Meeting. Website Link:


Compte Rendu: Évaluation de l’exemption en Colombie-Britannique visant la possession personnelle de petites quantités de drogues illicites : Réunion semestrielle. Website Link: