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Impacts of Overdose Study

PI and project team: Bayoumi, A., Kenny, K., Kolla, G., Firestone, M., Strike, C., Altenberg, J., Bannerman, M., Dodd, Z., Julien, R., Massey, S., Perreault, Y., & Steer, L.

This project builds on a previous study, which was developed in response to a community-identified need for strategies to better understand and address the escalating stress, grief and trauma afflicted on communities of people who use drugs by the current overdose crisis. A participatory knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) process will be used to inform the production of community-relevant KTE materials where we aim to engage community members in a community "data gallery" activity, including facilitated dialogue and to share and translate knowledge from our study through the production of manuscripts and community-informed KTE products, including participatory design of infographics. Building on the quantitative and qualitative data collected in the previous study, this project aims to synthesize and mobilize new evidence into action through participatory knowledge translation and exchange activities.

Read the full report here. 

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