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Northern Ontario Drug Use and Services Needs Assessment (NODUS)

PI and project team: Pamela Sabioni, Ph.D.; Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D.; Joanna Henderson, Ph.D.; Cayley Russell, MA; Thepikaa Varatharajan, MPH

Illicit drug use rates are high among youth, and are particularly pronounced in Northern Ontario, Canada. The availability and accessibility of effective substance use-related treatments and services are required to address this problem, especially among rural and remote Northern communities. However, information on this important issue is sparse. In order to assess specific service and treatment needs, as well as barriers and deterrents to accessing and utilizing services and treatments for youth who use illicit drugs in Northern Ontario, OCRINT conducted a community-based use and needs assessment of services and interventions for youth and young adults who use drugs in several communities across Northern Ontario, led by Dr. Pamela Sabioni. Utilizing the CAMH mobible research lab, this study employed a mixed-methods design where questionnaires were administered in conjunction with audio-recorded semi-structured interviews and/or focus groups with youth who live in Northern Ontario and use illicit drugs. Interviews with 'key informants' who work with the youth in each community were also conducted. Between August and December 2017, the OCRINT team traveled to 11 different Northern Ontario communities and carried out data collection procedures. For more information, please see below.  

                                                                          NODUS Poster                                                                                                           NODUS Summary Sheet

                                            NODUS POSTER                                             SUMMARY SHEET

The NODUS Protocol is registered in F1000 Research, the final scientific manuscript has now been published and can be found here